Recommended, by George!

The next generation of Rutland musicians are out there working hard. Here’s a few you can’t go wrong with…

Nikki Adams

The local “Jock of Rock,” coach Nikki Adams kicks back after a game of soccer or lacrosse and picks up her guitar every Thursday night at Muckenschnabel’s in Rutland.

Jenny Porter

A local favorite, Jenny plays every Wednesday at The Venue in Rutland.  If Jenny doesn’t put a smile on your face there’s nothing anybody can do for you.

Kristna Guthrie

Making a name for himself with his own songs, Guthrie is a multi-instrumentalist who came to Vermont as a drummer for the Tony Lee Thomas band. Krishna plays every Monday at The Venue.

George Nostrand has been shamelessly promoting himself and other local/ regional bands for decades. He has also booked bands/ acts for benefits, festivals, concert series, small halls and major venues. George both advocates for musicians and understands the challenges from the side of venues and businesses. He has a reputation for being fair, hardworking and getting things done.

Currently booking fall/ winter dates for:

Jimy Graham

The Fabulous Jimy Graham


With a true medley of influences, Graham was born in Jamaica, grew up in New York and was heavily into Motown before become a disciple of the Blues. He spent over 20 year in Japan and toured Africa, as well as other parts of the globe. Graham’s first job was working in Wilson Pickett’s band, (the same slot Jimi Hendrix filled). Jimy is the real deal. From head to toe, he is a living legend who lights up the room. He will rock to roof off, make the ladies swoon and leave people wanting more. It’s not every day that you can book an act like him.

George’s client’s have included:

He also has a reputation for playing the role of “fireman,” finding a musician when something falls through for a venue or helping musicians who get in a pinch. His commitment to the Vermont music scene earned him the Cider Mag Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.

George has worked with countless musicians in the area and is willing to provide references or more information as needed.

George can be reached at 802-417-7411 or

A few of the acts/ bands/ musicians worked with:

Aaron Audet Band

Bow Thayer

Josh Brooks

Duane Carleton


The Dirtminers

Extra Stout

Jim Gilmour

Gypsy Reel

Phil Henry

Dave Keller


Rebecca Padula

Rick Redington