Phil Henry, recording engineer & producer

Almost every musician I know will tell you that, while the technology is available to record a quality album in your bedroom by yourself, they still go to a recording studio and use a professional engineer. Doing this has a number of advantages, the first being that it allows you to play one role and focus on making good music.

Phil Henry brings the best of both worlds. While he has recorded numerous albums in his own home studio, his level of skill and production surpasses anyone I know in the area. Phil has agreed to collaborate with A Sound Space on a project-by-project basis, depending on availability.

Below are samples of Phil’s work. To connect with him and schedule a time, email: Questions for George? email: or call 802-417-7411.

“Asleep at the Wheel” – This song  was written by Phil. He also recorded it, mixed and mastered, and was the producer.

“The Catbird Seat” (Christopher Macie) – Co-Produced, recorded and mixed.

“Stay With Me” (People Watchers) – Recorded, mixed and mastered.

“Black Nile” (Moose Crossing) – Recorded live, mixed and mastered.

Recording rates at A Sound Space start at $50/ hour, $40/ hour for members and we are willing to work on a sliding scale. We want you to succeed.

To connect Phil Henry with recording questions and to schedule times, email: Questions for George? email: or call 802-417-7411.