George’s Back Pocket

George Nostrand and Jeff Poremski at the Paramount Theatre, Rutland

Over the years many local musicians have taken the stage with GBP, but it would be inaccurate to call it a pick-up band or project – because whatever the line-up is, and however long they have, (or often haven’t), played together  they sound like a band that’s play together for years.

Robert Layman / Staff Photo

This is because band leader, George Nostrand, pulls in professional level musicians who love to play. His songs are infectious and written with a band in mind. He is also an expert at herding cats. All that said, you never know who will be in George’s Back Pocket – but you know you’ll have fun.

The band covers a wide range of bands and styles, always keeping the set list fresh and making the songs their own. They also pull heavily from George’s catalog. Not afraid to jam or turn it up, The Pocket is here to rock it.

George’s Back Pocket’s 2011 release, The Shape of Things Todayis available at numerous sites online, including

Photo by Robert Gold