We are accumulating sound gear as we go, trying to provide you with both necessary equipment and an uncluttered space. Below is a basic list. We work closely with Magnum P.A. sound company and Be Music, should you need anything not on this list.

24 channel RAMSA mixer: for live sound & recording

VS-650 power amp

Pro Reverb effects unit

8 channel headphone distribution amp

4 ct. 300W passive monitors

1 set of 2 Peavy monitors

1 set of 2 PRO monitors

Carvin MX640 powered mixer

1 set of Carvin 15″ speaker cabinets

house drum kits

Roland Jazz Chorus

Peavy bass amp

Hartke practice bass amp

GK stereo guitar combo amp

Fatar studio piano/ keyboard

Yamaha Portatone keyboard

1 ct. AKG C1000s mic

2ct. Samson C01 studio condenser mics

Additionally we have several SM 58 microphones, stands, XLR and instrument cables and other miscellaneous gear.


There is also a small stage and a lighting unit