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Buy local! In addition to the online links, you can now purchase George’s CD’s at Rick & Kat’s Howlin’ Mouse Records in Rutland. 

George’s firsts album, “Radio Songs” (2005), featured 20 guest musics and included local hits, “Griswold Drive,” “Mexico,” “Ladder to the Moon,” and the title track.

“Listening to Rutland singer/ guitarist George Nostrand’s music I’m reminded of bluegrass skiffle bands like Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks or Asleep at the Wheel.”– Michael Whithaus, Eagle Times, Springfield, VT

“Live at the Windam,” a double CD, recorded in George’s hometown, quickly followed the release of Radio Songs. It included two sets with two different bands.

“Nothing beats the real grassroots sound of George’s Back Pocket for a stomping good time. Our radio listeners keep the phones ringing every time we have his music on the air.” – Bill Nolan, WPKN-FM, Bridgeport, CT

George’s musical direction took a turn as his band, George’s Back Pocket, took on more of a jam-rock approach. His 2011 release, “The Shape of Things Today,” was a tip of the hat to both the rock bands he grew up on and the jam bands that had influence his recent years.

“There is a joy, a sort of natural exuberance, that wafts from the stage when central Vermont’s wailing, long-bearded live music apostle George Nostrand has taken residence. (With his newest release) the Back Pocket seems to have emptied of all but the best, and thereby opened itself up to the world.”
 – Clara Rose Thornton, Film, Wine and Visual Art Critic ~ Music Journalist ~ Editor

In addition to the studio recordings below, I have more live recordings than I can keep track of. I will soon be sending our a regular “fan” mailing but if you are one of those people who digs live recordings, feel free to shoot me an email at georgeshamelesspromo@gmail.com and I’ll reply back with a surprise track or two…