A Sound Space

New location: We are now located at 162 Woodstock Avenue in Rutland, downstairs from Be Music. 

Rehearsal & D.I.Y. Recording Studio

There’s a new space in Rutland, Vermont where musicians can work on their craft. At A Sound Space musicians can rehearse and record at their own pace in a space designed by musicians and people in the industry. We’re new and definitely a little rough around the edges, but if you’re looking for a space to create – and a supportive community – A Sound Space is your place.


Everyone’s struggled with finding a place to rehearse. From basements and garages to dorm rooms and living rooms – we’ve all made due in situations that are less than ideal.

A Sound Space offers a safe, accessible and affordable place where you only have to worry about one thing – the music.

Become a full member and receive all the benefits or just rent by the hour; either way we’ll work with you to create an environment that facilitates creativity and limits distractions at a price that’s reasonable.

“I was a little worried about money, but you’ve made this so easy by being willing to work with us starving artists. I can’t wait to see what’s to come!” – local musician and new member

D.I.Y. recording

The recording industry, hell the whole music industry, has made drastic changes in the last 20 years. In many cases, with today’s technology, it’s no longer necessary to spend a lot of money recording in a professional recording studio. A Sound Space is not set-up to be a full-service recording studio, but rather a space where people can do their own recording.

One local engineer we recommend is Rutland singer-songwriter, engineer and producer, Phil Henry, (follow the link for more information and samples of this work).

Here’s a few ways you can utilize the space:

  • Weekly band rehearsals: nail down a regular slot and take advantage of in-house p.a., back line and available instruments, amps and gear
  • Hourly rentals: become a member to get reduced rates and first access to scheduling
  • Private lessons: (give &/or take)
  • Workshops: (give &/or take)
  • Auditions: No need to haul in all kinds of gear. Use our backline and a neutral space for trying out potential members
  • Small concerts and events: While we are not a formal venue, we have held small shows for a number of local acts.
  • Filming videos/ photo shoots: Here again, we can connect you to photographers and videographers to help you create quality promotional videos and photos.
  • You tell me!
  • We will also be developing and offering packages with artists services; assisting with promotion and other aspects of the music business. Additional resources include:
        • Resource library: books, music, videos
        • Connections to photographers and graphic artists
        • Booking resources
        • Development of press materials
        • Event planning
        • …and more

Be part of a new community starting in Rutland, Vermont.

Here is a list of our current in-house equipment.

  • Our rental rates have several options to try to fit different needs. Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
  • Call or text: 802-417-7411 or email: asoundspacevt@gmail.com for specifics on rental packages. We want to work with you to make your project happen.
  • Visit our Facebook page for the latest on what’ going on at A Sound Space.