Mohawk Bob Emry Scholarship


Mohawk Bob Emery sponsors a session for local musicians

Thanks to a generous donation, local music fan Bob Emery and A Sound Space are offering a free 3-hour rehearsal session during the month of August.

Supporting the scene

There have been many folks who have stepped up to support me and A Sound Space in getting this project off the ground. Tinmouth’s Bob Emery approached me and asked about supporting a band that needed some help getting into A Sound Space, and generously donated money for the cause. Please read details below and share with all your local musician friends.

How to apply

Open to any and all musicians and bands. Send your name, band’s name, email and phone number, along with a short paragraph (less than 500 words) on why you want to use A Sound Space and/ or what you hope to accomplish, to One musician/ band will be chosen and notified by email. Session will be scheduled, as available, during the month of August. Questions? Email: or text 802-417-7411.